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Banner Ad Form

Banner Ad Contact and Info form

Here is some help in making your decision on what types of pages you want your banner ad on:

  • "Our Home Page" is just that, You would be targeting all of California. (great for a large company or a Supplier)
  • "Local Pages" are a page like our  Los Angeles page, it lists out all roofers within a 10 mile radius of the city.
  • A "Trade and Location" page is like our  LOS Angeles Residential Roofing page, it lists out residential roofers with in a 10 mile radius of the city.

As a home owner searches in our directory, they input the kind of work they need done and their location. Our system lists out all the contractors within a 10 mile radius of the city for the type of work they are looking for.

So if you are a residential roofer and you do not do any commercial roofing and you are based out of Sacramento. You would want to use the  "trade and location" setup it would be a better targeting approach for you.

The banner ads go above all the search results that are in the lists that our system puts out!


Option #1 - Ad is located in the upper area of our home page.

It will be placed just below the header. $175 per month.

Option #2 - ad location is middle of page of our home page.

This area is in the middle of our home page. $100 per month.

Option #3 -Ad location is just above the footer of the page.

Just above the footer of our home page. $75 per month.

Banner Ads That Are On "Trade & Location Specific Pages" 

Option #4 - Ad is located in upper area of the text , below header of page. Cost is $60 per month.

Option #5 - Ad is located in the middle of the text area of the page. cost is  $45 per month.

Option #6 - Ad is located end of text area and just above the results section of the page. $50 per month.