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Free Roofing Calculator

Cost to roof my house - Free roofing estimates

Get free roofing estimates with our roofing calculator or get up to 5 written estimates from local roofers.

A couple of easy measurements and you will have a free estimate.

  1. Measure across the front of your home. (make sure to add for the eves)
  2. Measure down the side of the house.
  3. Tell the calculator the pitch of your roof. 
  4. Then simply the type of roofing you want to use.

Take a couple seconds to get your free roofing estimate.

The roofing estimate is meant to give you a rough idea of your cost for your new roof, each roofing company estimate will very. 

We set up the calculator with the idea of a total tear off of the old shingles and a 1 story home.

Cost to roof my house?

We will figure these roofs are 6/12 pitch, doing a roof tear off and 1 story with new metal and 30 year shingles.

  • 15 squares (45'x30' roof area) $9,235.
  • 20 squares (60'x32' roof area) $13,135.
  • 23 squares (60'x30' x 18'x28' roof area) gabled house $12,315 plus $3450 Total of $15765. 
  • 28 squares (70'x30' x 20x35' roof area) gabled house $14,370 plus $4790 for a total of $19,160.